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Planning Board Implementation Alignment Guide
Planning Board Implementation Alignment Guide
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In order to effectively implement your Planning Board, it’s important that your team be aligned to how you’ll use the different fields and stages to track your projects progress.

We’ve put together this handy worksheet you can use to find alignment with your team. The worksheet details the field on the planning board, and gives you space to indicate how you’ll use or update the given information.



Team Alignment

Project Name

Are there any naming conventions or formatting you want to adopt to ensure consistency across all of your project names.

Start Date

What will you use as the Trigger for the Start date? Will you update the start date as it moves through certain stages?

End Date

What will you use to indicate the project is complete? Will you update this date with the actual end date or leave as the estimate?

Assigned To

Who will be the Project Owner? Will this be consistent across all of your stages or change throughout the project

Project Members/Collaborators

Who else will be assigned to the Project? What is their role in the Project?


Add columns below for each of your stages and indicate what must happen in a given stage before you can move a project to the next stage.


How will you use High, Medium and Low? This is a helpful resource.


Are there any standards you want to use for the description? For example, do you want to add a table or list here? Do you want to use it as a way to include comments or notes as the project progresses?


What tasks will you use? Who will they be assigned to and how will you control the due date. Will new tasks be added as the project moves through the stages?

Attachments (Content)

What attachments (links, files) will you include?

If you'd like this in a Word Document, send us a message and we'll email it your way!

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