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Prioritizing Your Projects
Prioritizing Your Projects
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For each Project card you add to your Planning Board, you'll have three options for Priority: High, Medium and Low.

We often get asked if we have any recommendations or best practices for how to use these priorities. We recommend that you spend some time with your team thinking through the types of projects you were on, and when certain priorities might be warranted.

Priority could be influenced by any of these factors:

  • Business Impact

  • Timelines

  • Urgency

  • Return on Investment

  • Stakeholder Relationship

With this in mind, there are popular prioritization matrix that can be used to influence how you define your project priorities. A priority matrix can be a powerful time and project management tool that can help your team focused on what matters most and keep critical projects on track. The matrix used here is based on the four time management quadrants developed by notable business leader Stephen Covey and breaks tasks out into two categories: urgency and importance, impact and effort.

We've then included our recommendations on how you could use the Priority field on your Project Cards to align to this framework.

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