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I want to invite team members to the platform.
I want to invite team members to the platform.
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There are three types of users that you can invite to Cognota: Learning Team Users, Business Users and External Users.

Learning Team Users are members of your Learning Teams who use the platform to do their work. Learning Users require platform licenses to be activated. The number of active learning team users will be limited by the number of licenses purchased by the organization.

Business Users are members of Business Teams who use the platform to submit requests or participate in projects when needed.

External Users are not employed by the client’s organization but serve as consultants, contractors or SMEs for particular projects.

To add any of these user types, follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings on the left menu bar, you’ll be brought to the Users tab.

2. Select Add a User and enter the Email and User Type that you'd like to add.

3. For each User Type you add, there are various required and optional fields you'll then be prompted to populate.

Learning Team User

Business User

If you select the Self registration box, the user will receive an invitation to register and input their user information themselves.

External User

4. After you have populated the required fields, you'll be able to save the user profile and they'll be sent an email to complete their registration.

5. If you ever need to update or deactivate a user. You can return to this section and make those modifications.

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