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I want to view the capacity of my team.
I want to view the capacity of my team.
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Understanding the capacity of your team is an important way of ensuring that you've got the right resourcing available to ensure the completion of your projects.

To view the capacity of your team, it's first important that you've add your Projects and assigned your team members to them as resources. You can view more information on this here.

Team Managers will have the ability to access the Teams section from the main navigation menu. If you are the manager of multiple teams, you'll be able to collapse and expand these by clicking on the arrow to the left of the team name.

The Capacity view is displayed on a weekly basis. For each Team Member, you'll see their total allocation which is indicated by a percentage, and then the number of hours they are allocated by the total number of hours they have available.

You can drill down further by clicking on the View Projects button which will then display the Project Name, Priority, Status and the members role on the project.

For each project, you'll also see a breakdown by week for the duration of the project and the project status (New, Completed, In Progress, etc).

To manage the default weekly capacity of a team member or apply any PTO, navigate to the Team tab and select the three dots to the far right of the user.

Here you can Update Information:

Or Manage Time Off:

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