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Task Bundle Estimates & Task Types [April 12, 2024]
Task Bundle Estimates & Task Types [April 12, 2024]
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We've released a number of enhancements to our Task Bundles feature.

  • Admins can now add the Estimated Time for each task within a task bundle.

  • Admins can now define a Task Type for each task within a task bundle.

  • The total estimated hours for each Task Bundle will be displayed in the Task Bundle table.

Adding Estimated Time to tasks within a bundle will allow you to standardize and streamline your time investments. Assigning Task Types help identify the skill set or team required to work on a project. It is easier to plan for a project when you know that a specific team will need to help, even if you’re not yet sure who on the team will do the work.

Estimated Time and Task Types can be added to your tasks within a bundle by accessing the Settings > Configurations > Projects > Task Bundles section. If you are editing an existing bundle, simply select it from the list to apply the estimated time and task types. If adding a new bundle, you'll be prompted to add this for each task.

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