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Program Strategy [Limited Availability]
Program Strategy [Limited Availability]
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We're excited to introduce our Program Strategy feature. Launched in partnership with the ROI Institute, we’ve integrated their Learning Measurement framework into Cognota to guide our learning strategy and measurement.

This feature will allow teams to measure the impact of their learning investments. Teams will be able to:

  • Create learning programs that deliver specific business value.

  • Ensure their programs help meet overarching business goals.

  • Demonstrate the value of their programs.

The Strategy Module will be accessible to Administrators and Program Owners. For each program, they will be able to:

  • Add Learning Programs and associate related projects.

  • Apply Reaction Objectives: Your learners' experience is important. Engaged and satisfied learners are the foundation for a successful program. What reactions does this program need to elicit?

  • Apply Learning Objectives: What new skills and/or competencies should learners gain from this program?

  • Apply Application Objectives: “Application” refers to how the knowledge and skills gained through this learning program should be applied. What behavior changes should this program influence?

  • Manage and track the results of these objectives.

Administrators and Program Owners will see a “Strategy” tab in the top right corner of each Program.

1. Navigate to “Programs”.

2. Click on “Strategy”.

3. Select from Reaction, Learning or Application.

4. Click “Add Objective”.

5. Follow on the on-screen guidance and tips to create effective objectives.

6. The next step happens outside of the platform! Manage your program and come back here to select “Manage Objective” when you have results to share.

Feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions, and stay tuned for future iterations!

Note: if you do not see this feature enabled, your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to discuss activating it.

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