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Capacity View and Calculations [December 4, 2023]
Capacity View and Calculations [December 4, 2023]
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If we have moved your team to the new Capacity model (details of which are outlined here), the following changes have also been released to your account:

Individual team members are now able to view their own team’s capacity by going to the “Teams” section.

We’ve also changed how Capacity is calculated when a task spans across multiple weeks to make it more reflective of how much time is being spent per day.

  • Previously if you had a task that was going to take 9 hours and was spread across 2 business weeks (9 business days), it would evenly split the hours across the two weeks (4.5 hours per week).

  • With the new model, the number of hours a task is estimated to take will be divided across the business days. Using the example above, the first week would be assigned 5 hours and the second week would have four hours.

Note: if you have not yet moved to the new capacity model, your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to discuss this migration.

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