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Configurations - Fields
Configurations - Fields
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Creating Custom Fields

A Field is a section of information that can be applied to your project templates.

Fields can be added by following the steps below:

1. On the main menu, select Settings, then click Configurations, and select the Fields tab.

2. To add a new Field, select Add Field.

3. Give the Field a Title and Description.

4. You'll then select the Field Type. Field Type options include from the following:

  • Checkbox

  • Date Field

  • Dropdown

  • Numeric Field

  • Radio Button

  • Text Field

  • Toggle

Applying a Field to a Project Template

Once you have added your Custom Fields, you can apply them to your templates by going to Settings > Configurations > Projects > Templates.

If you add or open a template and click on the “Build Template” section, you can scroll down to the “Add more fields” button. Once selected, you will see your custom fields available in this list.

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