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Configurations - Task Bundles
Configurations - Task Bundles
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Creating Task Bundles

Task Bundles allow your team to easily create and add sets of tasks to your projects either at project creation or while in progress.

This reduces the manual work required to add or import tasks and creates a level of consistency among team members on what needs to be completed for specific types of projects.

To set up your Task Bundles, follow these steps:

1. On the main menu, select Settings, then click Configurations, then select Projects, and Task Bundles.

2. To add a new bundle, select Add Bundle

3. Give the bundle a Title and Description.

4. Under "Build Bundle", select + Add Task. You'll then be prompted to enter a title, task type, estimate time, and description for each task you add. Repeat this until you've added all of the tasks to your bundle. Click Save.

Applying a Task Bundle to a Project

When adding a new Project, you'll be able select which Task Bundle you would like to use from the drop down field.

When creating a Project from an approved Request, you will also be able to select a Task Bundle from the creation menu.

Bundles can also be added to existing Projects by going into the Tasks tab, selecting "More Actions" and using the "Import From Bundle" option.

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