Task Bundles [August 9, 2023]
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The Task Bundle feature will allow your team to easily create and add sets of tasks to your projects during their creation or while in progress.

This reduces the manual work required to add or import tasks and creates a level of consistency among team members on what needs to be completed for specific types of projects.

Admins can configure their Task Bundles by accessing the Settings section, and then clicking on Configurations > Projects > Task Bundles. Simply click the Add Bundle option, give the Bundle a name and description, and then add the relevant tasks.

When users are creating a project, they will be able to select the applicable Bundle from a dropdown menu, or add a Bundle to an existing project by navigating to the Task section and clicking on “More Actions.”

This will allow you to:

  • Create bundles of tasks related to specific deliverables, stages of development or project plans and add these to projects at creation.

  • Add additional bundles of tasks to projects while the project is in progress as scope is defined or tasks are required.

  • Reduce the amount of manual work required to add tasks individually or via import.

Lastly, as part of this release, fields such as Task Start Date, Due Date and Task Type will now be optional.

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