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I want to set up a Program
I want to set up a Program
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To set up a Program in Cognota, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click on the Programs feature which can be found on the left navigation menu.

2. Click on the Add Program button on the upper right corner of the screen and a modal will appear for you to populate some program-related fields.

Title: This is a brief and descriptive name that identifies the program and provides a clear understanding of what the program is about.

Description: This is a brief and detailed summary of the program’s content, objectives, and expected outcomes. The description provides a more comprehensive understanding of the program beyond just the title.

Delivery Type: This refers to the method used to deliver the program content. There are generally three main types of delivery: online, in-person, and blended.

  • Online Delivery: This involves the use of digital technologies to deliver program content and activities. This can include online courses, webinars, virtual classrooms and other elearning tools.

  • In-Person Delivery: This involves traditional classroom-based instruction such as face-to-face interaction with instructors.

  • Blended Delivery: This combines both online and in-person delivery methods to create a more flexible and personalized experience.

Owners: The program owners are the individuals who have overall responsibility for the design, development , implementation and evaluation of the program. They are typically responsible for ensuring that the program meets the organizational goals, and that it is delivered in a way that is effective for the target audience.

3. After you have populated these fields, you can then click Add and this will create the Program. Once created, you’ll be presented with the program overview page.

4. Here, you’ll be able to link any projects that relate to your Program using the Link Project button. This will allow you to select one or multiple projects from a dropdown list.

Once all projects have been linked to your Program, you’ll have visibility on the title of the project, status, priority, progress, start date and completion date. The progress bar you see is based on the percentage of tasks that have been completed on a given project. Additionally, the left side panel of the Program page will highlight the overview information for your Program.

You will also see a summary dashboard which shows Program specific details around the status of the projects that are a part of that Program, show how many projects are at risk or overdue, and provide an average for the task completion.

Program Owners will be notified via email if there are any changes or updates to their programs. Additionally, Project Owners will be notified if a project they have ownership of has been linked or unlinked to a program.

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