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Request Forms Question Bank
Request Forms Question Bank
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We've been working with a lot of customers who have worked hard to develop Intake Forms that help them collect the required information from their requestors and learners.

We wanted to share our collection to help you create your Forms:

Requestor Information
Office Location
Who is the primary decision maker as it relates to this request?
Who should be the main point of contact after L&D receives this request?

What department is this request for?
How many employees would be the target of this training?
Who is the primary audience for this training?
Why is it important for this audience specifically?
Is this training for you or your department?

Training Need
What specific situation, challenge, or need is prompting this request? Describe in as much detail as possible.
What is the type of training required?
Does this training already exist in any other format?
What have you already done to address the situation, challenge, or need?
What materials or resources do you currently have (or are aware of) that can be used to address the situation, challenge, or need?

How urgent is the need?
When does the training need to become available?
Are you interested in assisting as a Subject Matter Expert?

If funding is needed, do you have a budget?
Which delivery methods will work with the target audience?
What is the preferred format for training?
Who else should we talk to to create this training?

Business Outcome
What internal competencies or values does this request address?
What skills or competencies will be learned?
What is the business outcome if the training is created?
What is the business outcome if the training is not created?
How do you propose we measure the effectiveness of the training?

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