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I want to review insights for my projects.
I want to review insights for my projects.
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Cognota’s Insights dashboard is built to help you tell the story of learning operations in your organization, whether you’re communicating with leadership, business partners or other stakeholders.

By managing your training intake and project workflow in Cognota, the platform automatically pulls and visualizes data related to these steps of the learning operations process.

To view these insights and analytics related to your intake requests, simply navigate to the Insights tab on the left menu and select the Projects option.

Here you'll see a variety of charts and representations of your data that can be filtered by:

  • Date

  • Priority

  • Business Unit

  • Process

You'll be able to view the following insights:

  • Total number of projects

  • Total number of projects that are: New, Cancelled, and Completed

  • Projects by priority

  • Projects by status

  • Projects by health

  • Projects by Process Board and stage applied

  • Total number of tasks

  • Tasks by status

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