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I want to review intake requests.
I want to review intake requests.
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In Cognota, all intake requests will be visible in the Intake section of the platform.

Here, you'll be able to view, search, filter, sort, import, and export intake requests that have been received by the business. You can also add a new request by clicking on the "Add Request" button.

By clicking into an individual request, you'll be presented with four main sections:

  • Basic Information will show you basic information about the request that will help your learning team organize and track requests.

  • Request Details will provide details on what the request is about.

  • Additional Information is used to provide additional information specific to this request, which is not included in the standard form.

  • Internal Information will give the request owners the ability to record the initial assessment results and will help the learning team make the decision on the request and plan for next steps if needed.

If you are the Request Owner, you'll be able to approve, waitlist, or decline the request. You'll also be able to enable comments. In doing so, you'll be able to leave comments on the various sections of the request that will notify the requestor.

If a Request has been approved, you’ll be able to download the request as a PDF, create a project from the request, or link the request to a project by clicking on "More Actions".

Request Owners and Requestors will also be able to add Reviewers to their requests. A Reviewer is a L&D or Business user who has been invited to review a request. Reviewers will be able to view, update, make comments, and download requests, but won't be able to make decisions such as approving, declining, waitlisting, or cancelling the request.

Please note that only registered users can be added as Reviewers, and users will be notified via email when they have been invited to join as a Reviewer.

Requests where the draft visibility feature has been enabled will also be visible to learning team users. This gives team members the ability to view, edit, and submit drafts that are pending submission.

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