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I want to document intake requests as a team.
I want to document intake requests as a team.
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In Cognota, Learning Users and Business Users will be able to submit or input new requests.

Once they have registered and signed into the platform, these users will be able to submit new intake requests through the Intake tab by clicking on the "Add Request" button.

Requestors will be prompted to select the request type from a drop-down menu which will then allow them to choose a specific form to fill out. They can then select "Create Request" to begin filling out the form.

While filling out a request, users will have the option to make their draft public by switching on the "Make draft public" toggle in the top right corner. By doing so, learning team users will be able have visibility into the draft pre-submission.

Once the form has been filled out and submitted, users will be able to view a list of requests they have submitted, the status of the requests, and depending on which permissions have been enabled, can also view requests that have been submitted by their team.

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