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I want to invite users to collaborate on a design.
I want to invite users to collaborate on a design.
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Adding collaborators to your designs is a great way to streamline the learning design process by enabling feedback to be provide inline with the elements you are creating.

To add collaborators to your design, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the collaboration icon in the navigation bar.

2. Select the email address of the person you are looking to invite to collaborate on the design and click Add. Then select Done.

Please note that the list of users you can add as a collaborator pulls from the list of registered users in Cognota.

3. The collaborator will receive an invitation via email and will need to accept the invitation to collaborate on the design.

4. At any time, you can select the collaborator icon to monitor the status of your invitations and remove any collaborators.

Once you add a collaborator to a design, they will then see the design on their Home Page.

To remove a collaborator from a design, click on the collaborator icon and click on the three dots to the right of their name and select Remove.

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