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I want to add a PowerPoint file.
I want to add a PowerPoint file.
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We work with a lot of clients who have existing PowerPoint presentations that they have leveraged for instructor-led training, or simply loaded into their LMS. The most commonly asked question we get is "How can I get my PowerPoint into Cognota?"

The answer to this question really depends on the content of your existing PowerPoint and your goals for the learner experience.

This article will walk you through four ways you can load your PowerPoint into Cognota and will highlight the benefits of each option.

1. Upload as a PowerPoint
The fastest way to get your PowerPoint into Cognota is to simply upload the PowerPoint file as an attachment. Cognota will convert the PowerPoint into a PDF file which the learner will be able to scroll through. The benefit of this option is you can load your PowerPoint into Cognota quite quickly, but this isn’t the best option if your PowerPoint has animations or voiceovers you’re looking to retain.

2. Download your PowerPoint into individual images and upload.
If you’re looking to have a more integrated learner experience where the PowerPoint simply looks like a part of the rest of your Cognota course, you can download your PowerPoint file into individual images and then upload them as Attachments. The benefit of this option is it creates a really smooth learner experience, however it does take a little bit more work to get the files into your course.

3. Use Office 365 or Google Slides for an embedded experience

If your PowerPoint file contains any voice overs or animations, and your company uses Office 365, using the embed asset type is a great way to have the PowerPoint viewed in presentation mode. This will allow you to retain this functionality and creates a really great learner experience.

4. Download your PowerPoint as a video
Another easy way to retain your PowerPoint formatting is to download it as an MP4 and upload it as an attachment asset. This will create a video-like experience for your learners and will retain any voice overs and animations. It’s also really easy to get into the platform!

Here is an example of the Learner Experience.

Feel free to use the "Chat with us" feature or email us for any questions or step-by-step help for any of the above methods!

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