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I want to standardize how content is created.
I want to standardize how content is created.
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If you are a Learning Team User, you will see a tab under the Designs drop-down menu in the Design tool named Templates.

Here you can see all of your existing templates, as well as add new templates by clicking the Add Template button.

Templates allow you to set defaults for specific design types that will appear whenever a new training project is created by a user.

Using templates allow you to set the following:

  1. Your choice of default requirement cards

  2. Default lessons, topics or assets in the design section

  3. Branding standards by selecting the Customize Design icon

  4. Hierarchy names by selecting the Customize Design icon

  5. Workflow by selecting the Customize Design icon

Available Templates

To make it easy for you and your team to get started, we've created a number of out-of-the-box templates for you and your team to use! You'll see the following templates in your account - if not, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist.

Blueprint Template: Includes Design + Blueprint sections.

The Blueprint Template is great when you want to work through the requirements and design of a design in order to produce a Blueprint - which is similar to a design document.

Microlearning Template: Includes Design + Preview sections.

Microlearning is learning designed in short, digestible, bite-sized units   with the goal to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps. This template includes only the Design and Preview sections to help you build your learning quickly with a focus on the design and review segments.

e-Learning Template: Includes Design + Blueprint + Preview sections.

The e-Learning Template will take you through all of the modules of the Cognota platform that will guide you through documenting your requirements, developing the design and provide you with the blueprint and preview options.

Setting Default Template

You have the ability to set the Default Template by clicking the three dots beside the design you'd like to make the Default and selecting Set as default.

This means that any time a Design Owner goes to create a new design, this template will appear first although it can be switched to any template that has been created.

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