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I want to update my project status, tasks, budget and files.
I want to update my project status, tasks, budget and files.
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Throughout the process of managing a project, you can update the project's progress, add tasks and attach files and supporting materials.

Updating a Project Status

To update the status of a project, click on it from the Board or List view.

From here, you'll be able to modify any of the project details including the Status and Health.

The Status indicates where the project is New, In Progress, In Queue, Completed or On Hold.

If you move a project to On Hold, you'll be prompted to indicate the reason why.

If you move a project to Completed, you'll be able to input the Actual Completion Date.

The Health field gives you the ability to indicate if the project is On Track, Off Track or At Risk.

Project Status definitions are as follows:

New - An identified project that has been approved for the team to work on but has not yet been planned or resourced.

In Queue - A project that has been scoped and resourced but is in the backlog for a scheduled time or resource to become available. In project exports, this is sometimes referred to as 'In Planning'.

In Progress - An active project that is being worked on by the team.

On Hold - A project that was in progress but has been delayed due to resourcing, budgeting or other constraints.

Completed - A project where all tasks have been completed and it can be considered finished.

Closed - A project that has been completed and the final budgeting and resource review has been completed.

Cancelled - A project that was either In Queue or In Progress but was cancelled and will not be completed.

Managing Project Tasks

During the course of a project, you may want to add additional tasks so that you can track more granular responsibilities and deliverables.

To add a Task, click on the Tasks button at the top of the project navigation menu.

You'll then be able to filter by all tasks, your tasks or add new tasks.

When adding a new Task, you'll be prompted to enter the following details:

When managing your tasks, you'll be able to update the Task Status, and attach any relevant files. The Task Assignee will be able to populate and track their task hours on a daily basis which can also be viewed through an hours log.

Updating and Managing the Project Budget

Within the Budget tab, you'll be able to update the budget details and track allocated spend and actual spend in the following categories. To update, click the Edit button.

Adding Content

If you have supporting project materials, you can add these by navigating to the Content section. Here, you can upload Files, Weblinks, and Designs to your Project. You will also be able to link content to tasks directly from this section.

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