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I want to assign and manage resources.
I want to assign and manage resources.
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Within a project, you'll have the ability to assign and manage the project resources.

To begin, open a project and navigate to the Resources tab.

Here you'll have three tabs: Resource Plan, Resource Allocation and Resource Summary.

Resource Plan will allow you to indicate whether the project resources are Internal, Vendor or Mixed.

Resource Allocation will allow you to assign and manage the people who are involved in the project.

Resource Summary will give you a break down of how many resources have been allocated to the project and the time spent.

Managing Resource Allocation

To allocate resources to your project, navigate to Resource Allocation.

Here you'll see there are three different types of project participants: Owners, Members and Collaborators.

Owners are able to see and edit all aspects of the Project. Owners must be Learning Team users.

Members are able to see all areas of the Projects, and can add new tasks, but are unable to edit the project details, or edit the resourcing or budget information. Members must be Learning Team Users.

Collaborators can see all project information, with the exception of Budget. They can complete tasks that are assigned to them but are unable to add news tasks.

To add a resource to the project, click Add Participant.

Select the Type, Role, Start and End Date of the assignment and select the user.

Once you select the User, you'll be able to see their total number of available hours during that time period and indicate how many hours you want to allocate to the project.

This will initially split the hours evenly across each week of their assignment, but you can modify this by clicking on the three dots beside the user and selecting Adjust allocation.

After you have repeated this process for all project members and collaborators, you'll be able to see a full resourcing plan for the project including who is working on it, and if anyone may be over allocated which will be indicated in red.

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