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How to customize your Design templates.

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In Cognota, the Design functionality is used by our customers for many purposes:

  • Project Scoping, Prototyping and Storyboarding

  • Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts

  • Rapid Authoring

  • SME Led Authoring

To get started using the Design functionality, the first thing you'll want to do is customize your Templates following these steps:

1. Select Design from the main menu. This will open the Design section in a new tab.

2. From the Design dropdown menu, select Templates.

3. Templates are used to help you and your designers streamline and standardize your Design outputs. You'll be able to make the following customizations:

  • Choose which default requirement cards will appear when a new design is created.

  • Standardize if there are any default lessons, topics or asset.

  • Establish the branding standards including background colour or image, logo and fonts.

  • Customize the design Hierarchy names.

  • Choose which tabs will be visible during the design process.

This video will guide you through how to Customize your templates and begin creating a design:

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