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Setting up your teams
Setting up your teams

How to add and manage your Learning Teams, Business Teams and Vendors.

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After you’ve added your users, we’d recommend setting up your Teams.

This is where you’ll input your Learning Teams, Business Teams and Vendors that make up your organization’s structure.

To customize or update your Teams, follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings on the left menu bar.

2. Select Teams.

3. Here you will see three tabs for Learning Teams, Business Teams and Vendors. Let’s first customize your Learning Teams.

Learning Teams are your own teams that are using Cognota to do your work. These would be the different groups within your organization who would want to have visibility to the same projects and a way for the team manager to view projects associated with their team members.

To add a Learning Team, click on the Add a Team button and enter the Team Name, Description, and indicate whether the team reports into another Learning Team. You’ll also have an option to choose a Manager for the team. Please note, you’ll have to first add in your Learning Users to be able to apply a manager to the team. Instructions for this can be found here.

4. Next, select Business Teams.

Business Teams are business units or departments that use your learning teams' services. In different organizations, business teams may be called business units, departments, etc.

To add a Business Team, click Add a Team and enter the team name and description.

These Business Teams will appear in your Requests, Project and Insights sections so that you can affiliate the team with specific work your team is completing.

5. Next, you can add in your Vendors.

Vendors are external companies that you might work with on the creation of any design content, strategy or development.

To add a Vendor, click Add a Vendor and populate the Vendor’s information.

You’ll be able to apply a Vendor to the Resource Plan in any of your Projects.

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